Why with the Forestry Commission Scotland?

“The Trees are my Shelter”

Matilda carried everything she needed on her back for 21 days. She stayed in her tent and in bothies along the way…and the trees were her shelter.

In partnership with Forestry Commission Scotland, this project celebrates specifically, Scotland’s national tree and ancient pinewoods, through the arts and aims to bring new insights and enjoyment of the forests to communities, venues, festivals, schools, and businesses, renewing and strengthening bonds, as well as forging new links between Scotland’s landscape and its people. This will happen through this themed series of artistic activities based upon the walk – music, dance and education, with a commitment to an arts legacy within all the communities involved.

 Matilda chose the remotest route of the Cape Wrath trail that took her through many areas of woodlands including over 7 specific recorded sites of ancient pinewoods, including Glen Loyne, which inhabits some of the oldest living pines recorded.